Network Assigment

Step 1 :go spin dowload the CollectionOfJava.rar.

Step 2:Extract all the file into a new folder.

Step 3:compile the and in command prompt.
(example: javac

Step 4: Run the server) first then only run client) in command prompt.
java RecTCP 7000(at server cmd)
java SendTCP "" 7000 (at client cmd)

You will see the output like this



***For the RecvUDP and SendUDP also same as above step!


Anonymous said...

How about the UDP part?

Ray Yeap said...

same step...i update already...

Anonymous said...

TCP: Both of server and client receive the same information at the same time;
UDP: Only the server receives information(RecvUDP side).

Ray Yeap said...

ya....good explanation!

Anonymous said...

I tot the lec say only TCP need print screen.


Ray Yeap said...

better print show all to him...later he say blar blar blar no mark....

Anonymous said...

ray,apa beza coding RecvTCP and SendTCP dengan yg DR bg?coz bila saya run yg DR bg,xdapat...n run yg U,dapat...


Ray Yeap said...

If u guna my code i dah specific the port number in RecvTCP and SendTCP.Jika u nak run DR bg punya pun boleh.. jz type at cmd

java RecTCP 7000 (at server)

java SendTCP "" 7000 (at client cmd)

Anonymous said...

means we do not need to use apache server?

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